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Famous Grouse puddings and Whisky butter

Here at The Ultimate Food Company we’re renowned for our Christmas puddings, so a brand like The Famous Grouse, who have a huge marketing presence during the Christmas season, are a natural partner. They use the finest grains, Scottish water along with sherry and bourbon casks to help create the rich, rounded and sweet whisky.

As well as a Famous Grouse Christmas pudding and Whisky butter, we’ve also developed a Famous Grouse Sticky Toffee pudding.

Our Famous Grouse Sticky Toffee pudding is a classic match of whisky and toffee. There’s a full 25ml measure of Famous Grouse whisky in every pudding. The salted caramel sauce balances the sweetness and gives the pudding a comforting amount of stodge.

The Famous Grouse Christmas pudding is an extravagant celebration dessert. The light and creamy pudding batter is packed with plump fruits, which have been soaked slowly in Famous Grouse whisky. We add a bit more Grouse to the batter for good measure, in fact this pudding is all about the Grouse – it makes up 13% of the pudding.

Famous Grouse Whisky butter is the perfect accompaniment. It has a light texture, and is soft and creamy, but it packs a punch.

Famous Grouse products available:
  • Famous Grouse Sticky Toffee pudding, 4 portion retail packs in cartons, 12 units per case
  • Famous Grouse Christmas puddings, 4 portion retail packs in cartons, 12 units per case
  • Famous Grouse Whisky butter, 190g jars, 12 units per case
  • Famous Grouse Christmas puddings in single portion Foodservice packs, 48 units per case (subject to MOQ)
25ml Famous Grouse in every Sticky Toffee pudding
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